I got to do one of my favorite things today, ride with my bro’s! Yes, I used the word bro. You may object to it’s use as dated or out of touch, I don’t care these guys are my cycling brothers. In fact, I’m pretty sure I have spent more waking hours with one of these guys than any of my relatives including my flesh and blood brother.

All three of us are signed up for TI9 in April, and we’re first timers so we’re freaking out a bit about the challenge this event represents. Matt’s probably in the best mental shape because he’s one of those crazy ultra distance runners and is used to suffering alone through the night in the hinterlands. Brad and I have some significant mountain bike races under our belts but nothing that comes close to TI9.

We covered a tad over 40 miles of prime Iowa gravel today in pretty decent weather. There was a significant wind coming out of the southeast but air temps reached the high 30’s or low 40’s. I was in full TI mode running my new bags, extra water bottles, the whole enchilada including my route holder. I‘m pretty happy with my setup and my new bags. I’ll give you the low down on them in another post. My bike is not light but seems to roll pretty well and the aero bars definitely help.

Here’s a short video for a taste of today’s ride Tres Gravel Guys

  • Mileage: 41 miles, 95% gravel, Fargo / aero bars / tangle bag / ortlieb saddle bag
  • Weather: high 30’s, 10+ mph SSE wind, sunny
  • Route: 40 mile prison road loop