It’s not hard to find  someone who’s telling us that this country is going to hell. The republicans think giving another penny to the government will put us all on the fast track to ruin. The NRA wack jobs think taking away  their 50 round assalt rifle clips is one baby step from a communist state. And the democrats apparently think that actually doing something worthwhile this year would doom us all.

Well I have my own example. I heard part of this show last weekend and it just stuck in my head. I listened to the rest of it last night. 29 students from one school shot in one year. It’s unbelievable. For me, a sign any country is messed up and on the wrong path has to be when some of it’s children live in war zones and say things like, “this is what I do when (not if!) I’m shot at.”

How many kids from your school or your kid’s school were shot last year? I can tell you how many from my school were shot while we were students, 0. That’s also the same number of kids from my daughter’s school that were shot. I keep asking myself, what would I do if I were a parent of a kid at this school? And what are these kids going to grow up to be like?

Here’s the link to This American Life, Harper High School Part 1