Tomorrow morning is one of my favorite races. CIRREM, Central Iowa Rock Road Endurance Metric or something like that. It’s got the best vibe of any race I’ve done. It’s hosted by and staged out of, the Cumming Tap. Yes, that really is the name of the town and the bar. I’ll leave the t-shirt options to your imagination.

For a small entry fee you get breakfast, 100km of gravel road racing, and some satisfying post race beverages. Everyone’s there for a good time, the volunteers are amazing and the hospitality of the organizers warms your biking soul.

I remember the first year I did it. My hydration pack’s hose froze up solid and all my calories were in it. I had grabbed a package of GU Chomps at the registration table and stuck them in my pocket. As I started bonking at mile something or other, I dug those out and managed to perk up enough to finish but I was dehydrated and hungry! When I get like that, nothing tastes good or sits well. I plowed through some BBQ and a beer after the race and then felt like crap. How can food look so good and then feel so bad?

Last year was my best performance when I got second in the single speed class. I’d be going that route again this year if I still had a SS gravel bike. This year I’m on my Fargo. I’m running full fenders which could be great or could be a problem. We got about 6″ of snow last night. If it stays frozen, the fenders should be good and will be appreciated. If it warms up enough to soften up the gravel and get muddy, the fenders will clog up and be a problem. I ran them last year and it all worked out so we’ll see.

I’ll post a race report with some pix this weekend. I’m interested in the new, halfway hoppy check-in station.