It’s much easier to remember the tough times than the good times. Bikologically speaking, I don’t remember the last 78 degree, low humidity, sunny, no wind ride I did. If someone asked me what was the nicest ride you ever took, I’d have to think hard but if someone asked me what the worst one was, I could tell them Almanzo 2011 without straining a neuron.

The bad stuff burns in there better which is why the Trans Iowa training ride we took on Saturday will stay with me for awhile. There’s something about hunkering down and grinding out 25 miles straight into a bitter north wind that’s just unpleasant. Even with two others to trade pulls with it was still a 10-11 mph long, long grind. The day never warmed up to the promises of the weather dude and the wind must have surpassed his best guess. Throw in a flat tire, a wreck and a broken derailleur cable and you’ve got a ride with recall-ability.

Chuck's FlatHere we are huddling behind some garage out in the middle of nowhere while Chuck changes his tube. I don’t think I could have fixed a flat standing out in the wind, my hands would have locked up. We were lucky this little garage was right there and we could get to it. Just to show you what a small world it is or how widespread your reputation for being a crazy bike can be, in church on Sunday, the day after this ride, someone asked me if I was one of the crazy bikers standing behind a garage in the country at 6:30 in the morning?!?! How did they know that!

Chuck is like the Tom Sawyer of bike repair. Here’s a little video to show you what I mean

Bike: Fargo with full TI gear
Temp: mid 30’s, 20+ mph winds, gravel was decent, some soft spots
Mileage: 93