Wool Vest
When I hear someone talk about riding a bike to save money, it makes me smile. Everyone I know has enough money invested in cycling to buy a Prius. I was doing a mental tally of the amount I’ve spent to do Trans Iowa, a FREE race. $500 I think and rising. I’ll have to do a full recount in a future post.
Oh sure, you can ride a bike to save money and I know lots of people that do but I’m not one of them. I’ve been sucked into the carbon, titanium, lighter, faster, shinier, brighter, hipper swirling vortex of black hole spending…and I love it!
But I did come up with a high-tech, low cost option that I think is pretty cool. Wool is really amazing stuff and great for all things chilly and sweaty but it’s also pricey. So, I went to the local thrift store and found a v-neck, 100% wool sweater with a couple of holes in it. I paid the equivalent of two McDonalds sausage and egg burritos for it, took it home and cut the sleeves off making it into a toasty warm vest.
Bonus, if I ever need to dump it in a race or ride because it’s too hot and I have no room to carry it
I’m only out a couple of questionable quality burritos! My only caveat, wool’s not very compressible so look for thinner sweaters if you want to stuff in a jersey pocket or bike bag.