Almanzo is this weekend which means big fun on bikes. It’s one of the best run races I’ve participated in anywhere, which is especially amazing because the race is 100% free. Almanzo was created by a pretty cool guy named Chris Skogen who got the idea to organize a 100 mile unsupported free race in 2007. There were 25 registered racers at the first Almanzo. In 2013, 1,316 riders signed up. I can only image the number of volunteers required to put I all together and make it run as smoothly as it runs.

Check out the website for more info, cool merch or to make a donation. This year there are three bike races, the Almanzo 100, the Royal 162 and the new Alexander which is 380 some miles. There are also foot races on Sunday.

The other cool thing, since 2010, it takes place in Spring Valley, MN a town of just under 2,500 souls. I’m guessing that all the riders, volunteers, family and support must nearly double the population of Spring Valley for the weekend. Spring Valley seems to enjoy the event though and everyone there has been great. I’ve done this race the prior two years and managed to snag a room in Spring Valley both years. Couldn’t make that work again this year so am staying about 30 miles away.

My stuff’s all packed and loaded, the weather looks perfect and I’m feeling good. I’ll post some post race updates and hopefully some photos.