So I’ve been volunteering at the FCBC (Fort Collins Bike Co-op) for awhile now. FCBC is a very cool organization run by a bunch of dedicated folks who want anyone and everyone to be able to ride and repair a bike. We refurbish and sell bikes, at very low prices, we have mechanics that work with customers to teach them to fix their bikes and we have an amazing inventory of used bike parts that we sell for next to nothing.

For someone who loves working on and riding bikes, like me, this place is amazing. Last week I watched a couple of hipsters start with a bare Schwinn cruiser frame and in the span of three hours turn it into a pretty cool, drop bar single speed. Bearings, crankset, headset, fork, coaster brake wheels, we had it all in our used part bins. We also helped a young lady bring an old road bike back to life and kept a couple of guys, living on the streets, mobile by fixing their bikes. Bikes are the only means of transportation for many FCBC customers. Some by choice and some by necessity. How awesome it is that there’s a place these folks can get most anything repaired for $20 or less.

So, like I said, one of the things we do is refurbish old bikes that we acquire one way or another and sell them. ImageThis little beauty is my first refurb project. It was all there but the 3-spd rear hub wouldn’t shift, crank and fork were loose and cables and it needed an overall tune up. The non-working rear hub turned out to be an easy fix. The rear bearings were so loose something inside the hub wasn’t engaging like it should. Tightened them back up and shazam, it’s a 3-spd again. So I learned some new stuff working on this bike and someone will get a cool cruiser, with a twist grip shifter, to tool around town on. Nice.