How do you feel about knickers? Ridiculous or fabulously hip? Don’t answer, I don’t care. I like them and think they work great for running, biking, cross-country skiing and wading but they are a little polarizing. The worst think about them, they’re expensive, especially for technical ones. A quick search confirms a new wool pair will cost you a Benjamin plus which has kept me from pulling the trigger.

Wool is the most amazing technical fabric out there, period and it has been forever. Check this out! chilpruffWool not only keeps you warm but makes you want to kick off your slip slips and rock some sweet upward facing dogs when it’s 20 below. You just don’t see guys wearing the latest wicking, breathable, super duper, techo wonder from Pearl Izumi knocking those out. Do you?

I was trolling a local thrift shop last week searching through the worn out dockers when I found a gem. Banana Republic stretch wool pants, in my size. I snatched them off the rack faster than a Black Friday shopper grabbing a Furby. Price $6.50. Yes, that’s premium scratch for thrift shop goods but I paid it happily and headed home with my prize. I was going to have them professionally hemmed at the little alterations shop in my neighborhood but then I thought whoa, why triple the price of my find just to get stitches that go in a straight line so these are DIY hand sewn hems by yours truly. P1010015P1010014

I’ve been wearing my new knickers all about the house but I haven’t tested them on the bike yet. The crack seam might not feel the best but I can buy a lot of chamois butter with my savings. They’ll get a good test this week on Winter Bike to Work Day this week. Technically, I don’t ride to work because I work at home but there’s free breakfast for bikers all over town. I may see how many I can eat and still fit in my new woolies!