Oh, Christmas has come and gone but the joy that a new bike brings is only beginning! Did Santa miraculously stuff a bike down your chimney this year?! If he did, then you were a good and lucky kiddy for sure.

No new bike for me this year, (don’t feel sorry for me, I bought myself one in October to avoid the rush) but I did reflect on Christmas bikes past and there’s one that stands out for me. It was beautiful and amazing and cool and I loved it very much. Image

A purple Sears Spyder muscle bike with banana seat and top tube gear shift! I must have been 11 or 12 when Santa dropped this motherlode on me. I lived in the country on a gravel road and would tear up and down our road and around the yard on my purple machine. I vaguely remember a bad crash when the boards I’d stacked up to make a jump shifted and toppled under my thunderous take off.

In those days a bike like this and a little imagination could take you anywhere. I’m glad some things never change.