The alarm jolted me awake at 5:30 AM last Saturday. No, I did not accidentally set it, it was intentional and I was excited to hear it because it meant adventure. Adventure with a small “a” not a cap “A”. I’d prepped the Fargo the night before so she was waiting patiently for me in the garage, leaning  casually against the work bench with a come mount me baby look in her head light. I obliged.

I rolled out about 6:30 after coffee, filling a Camelbak and grabbing some saddle snacks. First stop, Consuelo’s for a breakfast burrito. They have about 6 different breakfast burrito varieties and a drive through, beautiful. This morning was chorizo, egg and potato. I wobbled off juggling the burrito in my lobster claws and unwrapping it’s foil with my teeth. 15 minutes later, with sauce on my face and gloves I hit the trail that heads towards the foothills and got serious. I’d ridden by a bank that said the temp was 24° and was pretty toasty except for my fingers, I’m still looking for that magic.

I had two goals, ride towards the hills and cover as many new roads as I could. I turned off on some gravel I hadn’t ridden before as soon as I could and wandered. You’ve probably done this many times yourself, if not, you’re missing out. Sometimes you loose and end up on ugly roads with mean dogs but most of the time you find some cool new stuff and learn the hidden byways that let you put together some great routes when you need to have a plan.


Saturday’s ride was somewhere in between the mean dog and route to heaven extremes. I didn’t come across anything I would call amazing. I must be getting used to the mountains here already! A year ago I would have said IMG_1173just riding somewhere I could see mountains during the ride would have qualified as amazing. I connected some dots on the map, figured out new ways to get from A to B and saw a sunrise from the saddle.

I also came home with a couple of good ideas for projects I’m working on. I’ll always remember a design teacher I had in college, Mr. Ragouzeos, and the advice he gave our class. He told tell us if we got stuck on something, go out, wander and observe and we’d find an answer. He was right. Here’s to wandering with no purpose. Car’s don’t count, you have to be out in it and you need to go solo. Turn down the chat track that’s always running in your head and just observe.