I signed up for the Forty in the Fort mountain bike race. It’s right here in my backyard so I figured why not. Yesterday I pre-rode the course and today I’m saying, why?! Yea, I’m stiff and sore which was expected. It was 20 miles of single track with 4,500 feet of climbing, which I knew going in. What I didn’t know was how sadistically tough the entire course would be. Ok, to be fair, the entire course was not killer, only about half of it but that half is hard enough it made it feel like the entire thing was a monster.

I snapped a couple of pictures early on when I was feeling good on what turned out to be a wrong turn. IMG_1257 When I rode down these stairs I thought they were pretty challenging. After I finished my ride, I realized they were very tame. I also went bombing down a hill only to screech to a halt at this drop off.


The mountains in the background are where I was headed.

Everything was rocky which I’m not that good at yet. The climbs were super steep and the descents terrifying. After one lap, I was shot and ready to tuck tail. Race day will require a second lap, oh goodie!

I got some good news this week, I made it onto the board for the Fort Collins Bike Co-op. It’s a great organization with some very cool people. They work hard to keep everyone who wants to, or needs to, pedaling. Should be a lot of fun. I helped Rick, one of the Co-op’s long time volunteers, with a bearing repack last week and had to snap this shot. IMG_1253

He’s got the exact same bike as my Sarah although his is in much better shape! Sarah has almost used hers up.

I think it’s really cool that both my kids have the cycling bug. I take total and complete credit for everything positive in their lives and digging bikes certainly falls in that column. Here’s Sarah on a recent ride we did along the dam road outside FoCo. IMG_1236

My last bit is, I finished my monster cross, gravel machine. I took my old mountain bike and dug some pieces out of my parts bin to convert it. The last step was to ditch the suspension fork and replace it with a carbon fork from Carver. I’m really happy with how it turned out and it’s a blast to ride. I’m anxious to see how it fares at Almanzo this year.