Two great rides this week sandwiched a chance to get some kids rolling again.

My buddy Colin organizes some of the best rides in the area. He calls his Wednesday night summer rides, Wednesday Night Lights. They typically involve riding out from Fort Collins, covering some great trails, hitting the Canyon Grill for a post ride beverage and some grub and then riding the highway home post sunset. This week we did something different and drove to Bobcat Ridge. We had rain right up to the start of the ride but it stopped as we unloaded the bikes. Not only did we have a great ride but the sky gave us some awesome views. Thanks for the nice shots, (1)photo (2)

On the weekend, I got to ride Lory and Horsetooth with my daughter, Sarah. We rode the 40 in the Fort course to help me get ready for the race next week. I am going to have my hands full! Highlights, Sarah took a spill early on and earned a bunch of scratches and scrapes to prove it. On a fast technical descent, I blasted about an inch away from a large snake on the trail. Fun and games!


In between, the bike co-op repaired bikes for a group of kids from north Fort Collins. Anne and her non-profit, Sproutin’ Up, set up neighborhood gardens. The kids in the neighborhood do the gardening and give away the produce to the residents. The kids from the north FoCo neighborhood have to travel a ways to get to their garden and do it via their bikes.